WNY FAME AUGUST 11 and 12, 2018

  2017 Film Maker Spotlight

Jordan Mattiuzzo
Shannon McInnis
Shawn Essler
Wendy A. Latella
Rick Masi
Irene Schueller
Emir Skalonja
Doug Szczesny

Congratulations FAME 2016 WINNERS

Best Documentary- LEGS: A Big Issue in a Small Town, Beatrice Alda and Jennifer Brooke
Best Feature Mid/Length Film- Axiome, Geoffrey Crété
Best Short Film - The Florist, Madison Cranwell
Best Director - Melanie Jones, FSM
Best Cinematography - Artless, Jeremy Major
Best Screenplay - Mousse, John Hellberg
Best Performance - Female - Sofie Hoflack in Ambivalence
Best Performance - Male - Brett Roberts in The Perfect Husband
Best Supporting Performance - Gunnar Ernblad for Mousse
Best Female Filmmaker (Short) - Tine Lammens, Ambivalence
Best No-Budget Feature - Zephyr, Liam O'Connor-Genereaux
Best Animated Short - Trolled, Kai Yuan
Best Special Effects, Short - Forgiveness, Irani RimaI
Best WNY Feature Mid/Length Film- Squatters,Vince Coleman, James Coleman, and Mike Del Rossa
Best WNY Short Film - Fields of Clover, David Nicholson
Best WNY Director - Wayne Coughlin, Requiem for a Beauty Queen
Best WNY Cinematography - Squatters by Vince Coleman, James Coleman, and Mike Del Rossa
Best WNY Screenplay - Fields of Clover, David Nicholson
Best Performance - Female - Emma Morrison, Fields of Clover
Best Performance - Male - Jeff Miller, The Selection
Best Supporting Performance - Isaac Thompson, Jr., Never Too Late
Best Ensemble Cast - Directors on Directing, Damien Patrik
Best Student Film - The Selection, Patrick Hogue
Best Special Effects, Feature - The Butcher, Sean Patrick Saramak and Emir Skalonja.
Most Impressive Achievement - Curtiss Markham, The Search for Silverspear
Filmmaker to Watch - Holly Britton, Made me Grow
Rising Star - Jamar Bevel, The Masked Man
Best Sci-Fi /Horror Screenplay - End of Time, Shawn Essler
Best Comedy or Drama Screenplay - The Library, Rupert Aspden
Best Short Screenplay - On the Verge, Wayne Coughlin
Best Photo, Landscape - Rose Dellinger -My Favorite Places
Best Photo, People - Marcin Lesisz, Portraits of Caucasus
Best Photo, Places/Events - Brendan Bequette, Runner and Spectator
Best Photo, Nature - Toby Wulff, Back to Nature
Best Body of Work (Photography) - Marcin Lesisz, Duel
Best Poster - A Lonely Heart in A Crowd, Mollie Kellogg
Best Cinematography- Music Video - We'll Be Happy Again, Gur Shachar
Unique Concept Music Video - They Pretend, Eric Schumacher and Ginger Ferguson
Best International Song or Music Video - All My Life Through My Eyes, Angela Berlino
Best Pop Song or Music Video - U Thought, Sanif Olek
Audience Choice Winner - Take Back Your Beaver, Candace Roberts

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As movie, music and art lovers we set out to build a better festival. A festival that treats film makers, musicians, and artists like celebrities with an audience Q and A or a panel discussion. A festival where the audience is an active participant by choosing some of the awards. Festival goers can take a break to get food, browse vendors, sit in on a workshop, or join in the music festival fun. This is not your father's film festival. It is like a festival, an art show and convention had a love child.

As film makers and we know the burden of high festival fees and the frustration of low audience turn out. We kept fees low, created an event with mass appeal and promote our hearts out. We know how difficult it can be to get noticed, so we review each film screened in festival on our website providing links to your promotional materials. We offer the option of purchasing an affordable table to meet with fans and sell your merchandise. Alternatively, you can utilize a shared space run by our staff so you can focus on enjoying the F.A.M.E. experience.

We know awards are vital during the marketing and distribution phase. We have a variety of prizes and list winners IMDB. Since networking is such an important part of the festival we provide an all access pass to each artist whose work is featured in the event. We understand how hard you worked on your film, so we provide specific feedback for any film not selected for the festival.

Our event is run under the umbrella of Beaver Alley Studios Inc. A 501 (c)(3) non profit organization established for the purpose of facilitating the production, promotion, distribution, exhibition and celebration of independent art in all forms, especially art from a female perspective. Helping people to follow their dreams is what we do.


"The Golden Beaver" for The Best Film with a female director or writer.
"The Cheapskate" for the Best No-Budget Feature
"FAME Audience Choice" Award
Best Documentary
Best Comedy
Best Horror Feature
Best Dramatic/Sci Fiction
Best Animated/Family
Best Special Effects
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Screenplay
Best Short Film
Best Music Video
Best Soundtrack
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Student or First Time Film Maker
Best Western New York Feature
Best Western New York Short

Best Horror or Sci-fi Script
Best Comedic or Dramatic Script
Best Short Script

"FAME Audience Choice"
Best Rock or Alternative Composition.
Best Pop or Rap Composition
Best Country or Folk Composition
Best body of work in any genre.

"FAME Audience Choice"
Best Body of work

Features are any film or screenplay over 60 mins. Anything under is considered a short.

To qualify for "The Cheapskate" award for the best No-Budget feature the film must be completed for under $15,000.

All submissions must be the artist's own work.

All songs and photographs submitted will be showcased at the festival.

©2018 Beaver Alley Studios Inc